It is a system that simulates natural grazing by allowing your horse to eat hay or pellets at a naturally slower pace. It replaces the usual feast and famine system of being fed twice a day and eating too quickly.

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Slow Feed

It takes work to keep a stabled horse healthy and happy! This new slow feeding system is going to make it much easier for you!

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Natural Grazing

Is something horses may live without-but not very well. Most horses that are not allowed to graze have ulcers and almost all horses that colic have ulcers.

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Helps Prevent

Helps Prevent & Treat Many Digestive Ailments

Colic, Ulcers, Insulin Resistance, Founder,  Laminitis, COPD, TMJ, Sand Colic, Boredom ,Cribbing, and more.

Integrity Services

Integrity Service

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Keep Your Horse Happy

Keep Your Horse Healthier and Stalls Cleaner

Porta-Grazer™ eliminates hay waste!  No more hay spread all over the stall to be mixed in with manure/shavings.

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Empty stomach’s are not natural and can be the root cause of many health and behavioral problems for horses. There is alot of information on the internet about how feeding a horse only twice a day is hard on him/her and we encourage you to do research.

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Karen Chaton - Endurance Rider

Karen Chaton Endurance RiderKaren Chaton Endurance RiderMany times National Champion Karen Chaton has traveled over 29,000 endurance miles, she knows what it takes to keep her horses healthy. See what Karen has to say about Porta-Grazer™. Read her review here!

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How Porta Grazer Came To BeI have spent my entire life with horses in the following capacities- rancher, breeder, competitor, farrier and natural hoof trimmer. During this time I have observed numerous problems associated with the way horses are fed in confinement. I realized that most of the problems are caused by what I call the "feast and famine" feeding routine confined horses are subjected to. Natural grazing usually consumes up to sixteen hours per day of an equines time. So I set out to change this.

The PORTA-GRAZER™ is designed to replicate as close as possible a natural grazing environment for your confined equines by slowing down feed intake while simulating head down grazing behavior. The result is better physical as well as mental health for the horse.

We also knew it needed to be user friendly while at the same time safe for the horse with no locks, latches or hardware to fool with. It is perfect, too, for traveling...no mess, wasted feed and unsanitary conditions with the PORTA-GRAZER™. My goal is to contribute to better equine health as well as saving money for the owner. Walt Tharp


pg logo jpgJust a follow up. The PORTA-GRAZER™ is fantastic! I used it on all 3 of my horses and it was amazing the difference in their attitudes and then of course the amount of hay that was not thrown on the stall floor and walked through. Have taken it to my trainer and he will be talking to you about putting PORTA-GRAZER™ throughout his barn!!

The PORTA-GRAZER™ works great! They took to them right away spending most of their time eating, not wasting hay and messing their stalls. My stall cleaning time has gone from about 45 minutes to just a few minutes a day. Great product. Thanks.
-Deb Renger, Five time Canadian Champion Barrel Racer

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Oct 29 2011

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Make a better life for your stabled horse. Order your own PORTA-GRAZER™ today! It is priced so reasonably too... just about half of what our nearest competitors are charging!

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